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About BykeCam


BykeCam is a patent-pending visual aid device for cyclists.  It attaches to bicycle handlebars allowing riders to view rearview traffic.  A camera is affixed to the rear frame of the bicycle or bike rack and powered by battery to provide cyclists with a visual that appears on the monitor. The battery unit for BykeCam is rechargeable and last 5 to 6 hours on a single charge. The panoramic angle of the camera captures vehicles behind the cyclist or in passing lanes.  The monitor front faces the cyclist so they can see vehicular and pedestrian traffic in their peripheral and rear viewing areas.  BykeCam also assists hearing impaired cyclists. BykeCam provides a screen diameter the size of your average cellphone viewing area. BykeCam is adjustable to fit most bicycle types.  BykeCam is recommend for cyclists  aged 12 and up.

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